Hepatitis B 12
Mumps 27
Rubella 8
Rubeola 27
Varicella 22
TB skin test (total charge) 15


VACCINES (per injection) PRICE $
Gardisil (HPV) 145
Hepatitis A 59
Hepatitis B 36
Meningitis 123
MMR 57
Pneumovax-23 73
Prevnar-13 249
Polio 36
Rabies 324
Tdap (includes tetanus) 28
Varicella 118
Zostavax (shingles) 220

One-time $20 charge for blood draw is added to final payment for titers. There is an initial $20 administration charge for the first vaccine and a $5 charge for each additional vaccine that is added to the final payment per encounter.

Vaccine information by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) can be found at the following link: Centers for Disease Control vaccines