Spring Clean Your Medicine Cabinet

When you start your spring cleaning this year, remember to go through your medicine cabinet.  Cleaning out your medications is an important step to help keep your family safe.  Here are some guidelines to help you decide what should stay, and what should go. Throw out anything that has separated, changed color, or smells off.  […]

Should You Worry About a Fever?

Fever is a common symptom of many illnesses, and it can be difficult to know if it’s serious or not.  In general, a fever will cause some aches and tiredness, but nothing dangerous.  However, there are times when you should consult a doctor about a fever. Call a doctor if: An infant under 3 months […]

What Are Superbugs and Why Are They Important?

Recently, you may have heard a lot in the news about antibiotic-resistant bacteria, or superbugs. Many headlines make it sound like the end of the world, but what exactly are superbugs and how dangerous are they? Superbugs are bacteria that are resistant to treatment with antibiotics. We use antibiotics to treat all manner of diseases, […]

What You Need to Know About Zika Virus in Louisiana

Zika Virus is big news, and it is still spreading. With mosquito season upon us in Louisiana, here’s what you need to know. Is Zika Virus in Louisiana? According to the CDC, Louisiana has four confirmed cases of Zika virus as of May 11, 2016. All four cases are associated with travel to other areas; […]