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The Dr Deductible Plan blends convenience, affordability and access into one medical benefit. Our focus is to have each patient reach and maintain optimal health for life. Our goal is to ensure physical and mental independence for each patient and transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

The Dr Deductible Plan is designed for any individual with or without health insurance. The Plan is transparent and structured to be an add-in or and plug-in to any outpatient medical situation for anyone. In other words, the Dr Deductible Plan is a simple plan to customize healthcare for both acute and chronic diseases with little effort and enormous return for the patient.

Much higher premiums and out-of-pocket expenses for healthcare in 2016

Insurers have raised premiums steeply for the most popular plans at the same time they have boosted out-of-pocket costs such as deductibles, copays and coinsurance in many of their offerings. The companies attribute the moves in part to the high cost of some customers they are gaining under the law (the Affordable Care Act), which doesn’t allow them to bar clients with existing health conditions.

The result is that many people can’t avoid paying more for insurance in 2016 simply by shopping around—and those who try risk landing in a plan with fewer doctors and skimpier coverage. While wages have been stagnant over the past decade, the amount that workers pay for employer-sponsored health insurance has more than doubled. In 2005, those employees’ total healthcare costs were just $2,001. In contrast, average employees at mid-size and large companies paid $2,490 toward their premiums and $2,208 in out-of-pocket costs (including copayments and deductibles) in 2015, for a total cost of about $4,700. That translates to a 134 percent increase in employee’s share of health care
costs in 10 years.

The Dr Deductible Plan is the perfect solution to these rapidly rising costs for outpatient care. The Dr Deductible Plan does not substitute for health insurance. The Dr Deductible Plan complements purchased health insurance by providing access to outpatient services and not interfere with the coverage for catastrophic events in the health insurance purchased by an individual. As a simple add-on service to provide unlimited free medical visits and unlimited free shots, the Dr Deductible Plan keeps your cost for outpatient medical care fixed at an affordable rate of $49 per month. In turn, the Dr Deductible Plan seamlessly permits an individual to avoid the trap of the high cost of out-of-pocket expenses typically available as a necessary component of purchased health insurance.

For an individual in Medicare, outpatient expenses for both co-pays and lab tests can be high.

For the uninsured individual, denial of care and high cash prices with little attention to follow-up care are typical in medical clinics.For all patients, delays in securing an appointment and not actually seeing a physician are now commonplace. The Dr Deductible Plan is the affordable remedy to all of these problems with continual access to a physician every day and the convenience of a walk-in, no-wait visit.

All payments for the Dr Deductible Plan can only be made with a debit or a credit card.  Payments made with cash or check will not be accepted since recurrent billing has been structured in this manner.  Although there is no sign-up fee,  no formal written contract and no termination fee  for the Dr Deductible Plan ( A patient may terminate the Dr Deductible Plan at any time without penalty to terminate), there is a $500 fee to rejoin following termination for any cause by either the patient or the administrators/staff of the Plan—-no exceptions.

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