About Total Care Medical Clinic

Total Care Medical Clinic opened in January, 2007, was originally located at 2328 Line Avenue until moving in 2016 to its current location at 2001 East 70th Street/Suite 315 in Shreveport, Louisiana. The clinic name has been trademarked and reflects the open and unlimited access to physician care 7 days a week. Total Care Medical Clinic offers medical care on a walk-in, cash basis and has never accepted any form of insurance. We are known for convenience care, affordable care and superb care to everyone. Although we originally provided services for female health including pelvic exams and medical therapy requiring prescriptions for controlled substances, we discontinued these services in the fall of 2008 to focus on acute and chronic primary medical care. Total Care Medical Clinic offers complete lab testing and vaccines for preventive care all at deeply discounted prices. We provide these services for students of all ages including nursing and college students, new immigrants to the United States, and individuals who travel abroad. Our services cater to everyone including both the insured who desire immediate service and the uninsured who need medical care. Our traditional services of medical care include lab testing, breathing treatments and shots including antibiotics/steroids are all charged on a discounted rate in a transparent and a-la-carte manner at the time of service. Total Care Medical Clinic continues to innovate and adapt to the ever changing healthcare service environment by offering the Dr Deductible Plan—– a discount medical plan with unlimited free visits and unlimited free shots for just $49 per month!

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